Vertical/Horizontal Line Plasma and LCD TV Repair

Vertical/Horizontal Black Line in Plasma & LCD TV Repair

A common problem in Plasma and LCD Televisions is when a black or white horizontal or vertical line appears in the middle of the screen (as seen in the image below) separating the image.  This common TV repair can be fixed but the repairs are usually very technical and must be performed by a Plasma or LCD TV Repair Pro. This is not a common in-home TV repair.

Television boards that control the image in these parts of the screen have small and very sensitive integrated components. This kind of TV repairs require skill and technique. Ask for help from a TV repair technician & you will save time and money.

Panasonic Repair black line

Panasonic 50inch horizontal black line

TV black vertical/horizontal line is usually caused by 3 possible failures:

  1. X board failure: The X-board needs to be replaced. The x driver’s ICs are electrically connected to the flex conductor. Sometimes the ICs are corrupted and sometimes the connectors will fail. Removing or reordering the ICs and the connectors may cause more damage to the flex conductor if you are not a skilled technican with proper training.
  2. TV panel failure: if this is faulty you can get dimming in the image in the screen or ghosting in the image, as well as dotted lines going up and down the LCD panel. Panel replacements can be successful when performed by a qualified manufacturer or repair company. The panels may ultimately need to be replaced . It’s not a simple fix in the panel, 98% the panel needs to be replaced
  3. Lower buffer failure: needs replacement: the buffer is controlled by an extremely sophisticated board with hundreds of surface mounted components. Failure in these boards causes the vertical/horizontal black line and they can befixed

Warnig: Do not make attempts to repair such kinds of failures. You will cause more damage to yourself and to the TV.

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Sore Tip:
  • Be sure not to attempt repair on your TV. Leave repair to a pro.
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