Common TV Problems – Troubleshooting Tips

There are black bars running vertically or horizontally in the picture.

A defective lamp cannot cause this problem. The part that causes this symptom is called the “light engine”. The light engine is what creates the picture that you see on the screen. This is a symptom of DLP TVs. Specifically, the parts that cause this symptom are the DMD module of the light engine or the DMD itself. The DMD is a chip made of million of micro-mirrors that move to create the picture you see. All of this technology is very sophisticated and should only be left to a trained TV technician.

There is a shadow in the picture. It is often described as a purple tint or looks like an obstruction in the screen.

A defective lamp cannot cause this symptom. This is a problem on DLP TVs that is caused by a defective light engine. The light engine is the part of the TV that creates the picture that you see on the screen. Specifically, the light tunnel has collapsed in the light engine. The light from the lamp passes though the light tunnel which can collapse blocking some of the light from coming through which is shown by the shadow or purple looking image on the screen. The replacement of a light engine is difficult and should be done by a trained TV technician.

The TV has sound, but no picture.

The lamp is the most common part that causes this symptom. If you have purchased a new lamp already, click on the “Signs of Lamp Failure” link below to check your lamp or contact who you purchased your lamp from for a warranty claim. Look at the indicator lights on the front of the TV and use our chart by clicking the link below to find out what error the TV is displaying to help you. If you have not purchased a new lamp, the lamp is the most common and cheapest repair for this symptom. A defective circuit board can also cause this symptom in which you should contact a certified/trained TV technician.

If your lamp shows any of the signs listed below, there is a high probability your lamp is defective.

Find DLP lamps by model number

Common Signs Of Lamp Failure

– Cloud or haze near the center of the lens.

– The burner (the stem in the center of the lamp) is broken

– The burner has a white bump on it (usually near the bottom)

If the lamp does not have any of the characteristics described above, you check by brand below for LED flashing light codes to keep troubleshooting.

Trouble Codes

Hitachi TV Codes

JVC TV Codes

Mitsubishi TV Codes

Sony TV Codes

Toshiba TV Codes