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At AAAA TV Electronics Vacuum Appliance we know Televisions. If you need assistance troubleshooting a problem with your TV, contact us. We are specialized in the Repair all makes and sizes of LCD, LED, Plasma, DLP,  Projection and tube televisions.

Television Repairs on All Brands and Models

Our technicians are experienced to repair most major television brands. We specialize in all makes and models, including but not limited to:

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If you are looking for TV repair in the Denver Metro Area, you’ve come to the right place. With the amount of technologies competing for space in everyone’s living room, there is a large list of different television technologies that often require service and repair.

Television Repair Services

  • All brands repaired: LG, Samsung, Sony, Hitachi, Magnavox, Mitsubishi, AKAI, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Vizio, Toshiba, Sanyo, Zenith, Hannspree, Insignia, RCA, JVC, GE, Westinghouse, Polaroid
  • All Makes and Models: Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV, DLP TV, Projection TV, Console TV, CRT TV
  • On-Site Service
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  • All TV types serviced: HDTV‘s, Home Theater Systems, Large Screens, LCD, Plasma
  • Television Set-Ups
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Rear-Projection TVs – Rear projection refers to a type of TV whose image is produced by projection of an image from behind the screen. Rear projection televisions have three guns that emit the color Red, Green, Blue. Common trouble and issues with Rear Projection televisions are convergence repairs.

DLP Rear-Projection TVs come in sizes between 42-67 inches. They have better black levels and smoother pictures with a smaller pixel gap than LCDs. Though their picture quality is generally better than LCD Rear-Projection TVs, DLPs are not perfect since they do suffer from video noise which appears as sparkles in darker areas of the screen. Common repairs with DLP televisions are bulb/lamp replacements, these repairs are often easy to do yourself. Other common problems with DLP televisions are colorwheel replacements and power supply issues.

Flat Panel TVs – are TVs with a slim “panel” build. Flat Panel TVs come in two varieties: LCD and Plasma.
Plasma Flat Panels - come in sizes ranging from 32-76 inches with some manufacturers producing Plasma TVs as large as 100″. Plasmas generally have better black levels than LCD displays. They also come in larger sizes yielding a better value per inch in the 45″+ range. Plasma televisions have had common problems such as burn in and power supply outages.

Although it has been greatly reduced in newer models, Plasma TVs still suffer from burn in, images getting burnt into the screen permanently after staying on one image for too long. Plasma burn in is often must noticed due to the presence of a TV channel logo on the screen for long times.

LCD Flat Panels generally range between 10-45 inches in diagonal screen length. LCDs, unlike Plasmas, don’t suffer from burn in and they’re display, especially with high quality LCD TV manufacturers such as Sharp, are top notch. However, since large sized LCD TVs are expensive to produce, 45″+ sizes are more expensive than Plasmas TVs of the same size. LCD TVs also have a smaller viewing angle than Plasma TVs. Common TV repairs for LCD TV’s includes panel defects and power supply issues.

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