Samsung TV Repair Capacitor Replacement

Samsung TV Repair

In this article, AAAA TV Repair in Denver Certified Technician, is going to share how to replace a bulged power capacitor in Samsung LN40A53OP1F. The Samsung 46 inch was blinking without operating in complete power.

Please remember that the TV has high voltage and can kill you if you touch the wrong part. Make sure to unplug the TV set for a few hours before making the repair. Do not attempt the repair if you are not a technician. Always ask for the help of an expert.

Samsung Television Repair Instructions:

Step 1 | Open the back cover of the TV

  • Remove all screws from back cover
  • Remove top center screw last, it will help to hold the panel in place during removal of other screws.

Warning: DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING INSIDE. Even after disconnected from the power outlet, the capacitors are electrical components capable of storing electrical energy. Some can have the same energy as defibrillator and could easily stop your heart. WARNED!!!!.

Step 2 | Capacitor Visual Check

When we opened the Samsung power board, AAAA technician was able to see the bulged capacitor.
You may be able to visually see the corrupted capacitors when you open up your TV case. Take a look at the motherboard and try to find a bad capacitor. When capacitors go bad they will usually bulge and/or bulge & leak brown liquid. A burnt electric smell might occur. But you should put in mind that some failed capacitors are not visually obvious. You might need a capacitor meter ‘ESR’.

Step 3 | Uninstalling the mother board

  • Detach the ribbon connection by pulling it straight up.
  • Disconnect the six connectors.
  • Be careful not to force the ribbon while pulling it out to avoid tearing.
  • Do not try to pull the ribbon out by pulling the keyboard as it may cause tearing
  • Unscrew the board from the main case.
  • There are five 8.5 mm screws that attach the mother board.

Step 4 | Capacitor replacement

Since we were able to find the bad puffed capacitor visually, we are going to operate on it right away.

  • Observation: No glue liking out but buffed
  • De-solder the iron behind the puffed Capacitor off
  • Heat the hole until it pops through
  • Solder sucker to remove the solder from the capacitor pins
  • Take note of which way the positive lead marker on the capacitor is facing before removing it. You will need to know for the next step.
  • Check the capacitor, how many volts to replace it with the right original part.
  • De-soldering can damage motherboards, so first practice on a board you don’t need. Use a 40-50W soldering iron with a chisel tip and 0.080″ wide De-soldering braid. Also helpful are rosin flux and 60/40 tin/lead solder, in case all the solder doesn’t come out.
  • Wiggle de-soldered leads to verify they’re free, and NEVER pull on any that aren’t.
  • Keep the board in place

Note: De-soldering iron can make things easier especially with components with more than 2 legs e.g. ICsq2, transistors. You may have to wiggle the connector sideways to loosen it.

  • Installing the new power capacitor
  • Be careful where you put the negative and the positive
  • Put arrows where you see the capacitors

Note: Changing capacitors better than changing the whole board. It saves money and time. You might order a new board that might take about a week

Before you install back the mother board with the new capacitor, double check the other capacitors in case they have any invisible failure. Use the ESR because the internal resistance is what actually determines their performance in their switch mode; the power supply should be really low, so when it heats up the dielectric material in there, dries out and the ESR increases. The capacitor might still read fine but the ESR is the thing that goes in the roof of the capacitor.

To reassemble your TV, follow these instructions from the end in reverse order.

Warning: Don’t risk causing more damage to your product (or yourself!) by attempting to fix it on your own. It’s also easier and quicker for a service technician to diagnose and fix a problem when the product is assembled. In the end, to save time and money, fill a repair form on line and AAAA TV repair Store will help you to repair your TV in home or in store.

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