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The turntable is a source of entertainment for all audiophile enthusiasts. The turntable was originally used as a method of audio playback, the turntable has become a performance instrument in electronic music and hip-hop culture. The belt-driven turntables have evolved into sophisticated digital audio controllers, allowing users to manipulate the speed of vinyl record playback without altering pitch. Although the turntable has undergone years of refinement, similar problems occur in all varieties. Quickly diagnose and repair your turntable for any issues you may encounter by following the steps below.


We repair and service these brands of Turntables:

Advent Aiwa Akai
B&K B&O Carver Crown
Denon Technics Dynaco Fisher
Hafler Harmon Kardon Hitachi JBL
JVC Marantz Mcintosh Mitsubishi
Kenwood KLH Luxman Magnavox
NAD Nakamichi Nikko Onkyo
Optonica Panasonic Phase Linear Philips
Pioneer SAE Sansui Sanyo
Scott Sharp Sherwood Sound Craftsmen
Sony Tandberg Teac VTL
Threshold Toshiba Vector
Yamaha Bose

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 Instructions for Turntable Repair Denver

1 Press the “play” button to engage the turntable. If the platter does not begin rotating, this could be a sign of a turntable motor failure. You might also want to check for damaged wires. Damaged wires can also cause the motor to stop working entirely. New motors can be purchased at a wide variety of audio equipment retailers. Wiring can be repaired by cutting off the damaged segment and connecting new wires of identical gauge to the remaining wire.

2 You may beed to replace your power supply if your turntable fails to turn on after you connect it to a power outlet. Consult with an audio equipment repair technician to ensure you are purchasing a power supply that is compatible with your device.

3 You must check the quality of the belts surrounding the turntable platter to make sure they have good elasticity. If you are using a direct drive turntable, your device will not use belts but rather it has gears. Overuse can cause turntable belts to weaken and snap. Damaged belts can lead to inconsistent rotation speed on the turntable or its failure. The damaged belt may be removed by unscrewing the shell of the turntable and pulling the belt off of the platter. New belts can be purchased at many audio equipment retailers.

4 Place a record on the platter and gently lower the tone arm, positioning the needle at the outer edge of the record. If the audio playback from the turntable sounds muffled or distorted, this usually means you need a  new needle. Needles are widely available online and at audio equipment stores. Although needles vary greatly in price and functionality, a sales representative can quickly direct you to the product best suited for your turntable.



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