How to Clean DLP TV Lamps

DLP Lamp Cleaning

How to clean TV Bulbs?

Our TV Repair technicians will show you DLP Bulbs cleaning tips. They will show you how to handle your television lamp.  In the Video, we clean a DLP bulb from a  Sony Television and a Mitsubishi DLP TV.  

When you remove the bulb from the TV, make sure to wear gloves to prevent contact between the oils from your finger and the lens. This will prevent the creation of any heat spots while the bulb is being used. These TV lamps heat sports can cause premature tv lamp burning, or cause different issues with the optical assembly in your TV.

TV lamps cleaning Tips

Always avoid contacting the front of the lens. Most of the time, the bulb housing doesn’t need to be replaced, you just need to replace the tv lamp with an original Osram or Phillips bulb.

Make sure to use Camtronics to clean your lamp. Canned air alone isn’t good enough. There are a lot of different brands out there. Our technicians use the 3M brand. We believe  this is the best brand, it doesn’t leave residue and it doesn’t cause short circuiting. Please follow the instructions on the can.

Clean any dust or fuzz that is built up on any of the vent assemblies of your bulb, as you can see here, is cleaned and removed.

Benefits of Cleaning your TV Lamp | DLP Bulb:

  1. Your bulb will properly ventilate, therefore;
  2. You will get rid of all the heat off your bulb, making sure it doesn’t cause any short circuiting or overheating or any other issues.
  3. You  are going to ensure you get the longest life out of your bulb.
  4. You are going get six to ten thousand hours which is usually anywhere from three to five years of a bulb usage out of your DLP TV lamp replacement.